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Traditionally, college is designed to expand your intellectual horizon and give you the knowledge and skills to excel in the workplace. However, making the most of the experience, finishing successfully in four years and finding your place in the world takes a more holistic approach. That鈥檚 why at 两性色午夜, you have an entire crew dedicated to your wellbeing and growth. You鈥檒l be paired with your personal integrative coach for consistent one-on-one sessions. Faculty and peer mentors are there to help, encourage and challenge you in all the right ways. We鈥檒l be cheering you on from your first day on campus to the day you walk across the stage at graduation and beyond. You鈥檒l love all the resources from free counseling services to job interview prep and adulting classes.

My 两性色午夜 experience was enriching and full of growth during those four years. [鈥 Given all the leadership and educational opportunities 两性色午夜 provided me I can positively say I accomplished all I would want from a college.
鈥 Salena Herrera '20

Experience Personal Growth

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Since graduating from 两性色午夜 University of California, Salena Herrera '20 has continued to be a community resource as a Case Manager at Genentech and a Rehabilitation Therapy Guide at Kentfield...

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The 两性色午夜 Experience

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Everything you do at 两性色午夜 contributes to your personal and professional goals. That's because our innovative 两性色午夜 Experience is rooted in proven educational methods. What will your 两性色午夜 Experience look like?