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What you learn in the classroom and on campus at 两性色午夜 will always be connected to real-world, hands-on experiences. Whether through Service Learning in our community, during field research projects, clinicals, internships or global learning programs, being directly engaged with diverse groups of people and applying your knowledge and skills allows you to learn with all your senses. These connected experiences often light the spark that fuels the future careers and educational paths of our students.

The work I did at 两性色午夜 and the contacts I鈥檝e made in the community have allowed me to build meaningful connections in areas that I want to pursue later. I have had a great experience both inside and outside 两性色午夜.
鈥 Angelica Gonzalez Almanza '23 

Experience Connectedness

Angelica Gonzalez Almanza

Angelica Gonzalez Almanza 鈥23 is glad that she listened to her English teacher at Vintage High School in Napa. During her college search, he suggested that Angelica check out 两性色午夜, where his...

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The 两性色午夜 Experience

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Everything you do at 两性色午夜 contributes to your personal and professional goals. That's because our innovative 两性色午夜 Experience is rooted in proven educational methods. What will your 两性色午夜 Experience look like?